P2 = Process raised by the Power of People


P2 is a multi disciplined team of improvement professionals with expertise in engineering, business, and organizational psychology. the p2 team motto; process raised by the power of people is evidenced in all of our services:

  • 1. assessment of operations & culture
  • 2. training in best practices and lean leadership
  • 3. implementation of best practices
  • 4. special operations coordination: taking processes to the next level
  • 5. executive coaching for lean leadership
  • 6. performance prediction: selection of LEAN leaders in management and sales

This approach is effective because we improve more than the bottleneck process; we also address the policies, procedures, and personalities that support the process. We assess, train, coach, measure, and build in accountability systems to ensure that administrative and production improvements endure. the proof is in the P&L.


We work in a variety of industries improving everything from administration to warehousing. We work with assembly lines, but our strength is in application of lean strategies to job shops, the combined paper, printing and packaging industry experience of the team is over 100 years. in addition our team members have worked extensively with suppliers to toyota and aerospace. We are lean implementers; we don’t just tell you how to improve. We make the improvements with you and replace ourselves by training your employees to implement on their own.


it is our habit to share all the opportunities that we observe with the appropriate personnel. the assessment provides a prioritized action plan for lean transformation of both physical and cultural aspects. the deliverables of the assessment also include:

  1. 1. the rapid plant assessment, a tool developed by the university of Michigan school of Business.
  2. 2. overall equipment effectiveness calculation on key machine centers with estimated ROI for improvement
  3. 3. a practical culture survey which measures effectiveness of organizational practices linked to profit
  4. 4. a prioritized action plan. We will map the course for the most rapid bottom-line improvement based on observation, industry best practices, and interviews with team members. We will tell you how we would proceed if it were our business

When a deeper understanding of the way your company gets things done (aka culture) is needed to make rapid and lasting change we administer a full culture survey. The measure isolates the key individual and team behaviors that will increase profitability.


Public Workshops and Webinars
Public training has included both onsite and webinar training. each of these has also been customized for private in-house training.
Lean Champion Certification Training
P2 trains lean champions in an intensive week at a variety of locations including clemson university and fox valley training center. the training is a combination of classroom and hands on experience in implementation of basic lean tools. participants are also measured and coached on their ability to facilitate improvement teams. the four working tours provide experience rating plants from poor to excellence in lean manufacturing.
Lean Transformation
The following partial list shows the breadth of topics covered recently:
  1. 1. Executive lean manufacturing*
  2. 2. Quick start for lean production*
  3. 3. Lean sales and administration*
  4. 4. Autonomous maintenance for machine crews
  5. 5. Lean leadership skills
  6. 6. Fast changeovers
  7. 7. Value stream mapping for administration, production, and delivery
  8. 8. Using lean to improve customer experience
  9. 9. How to hold a Kaizen event in production, sales, or administration
  10. 10. E-lean for the digital workflow**
*The Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC) has contracted with P2 to deliver these workshops **Available through IPA
World Tour of Packaging
What does world class packaging manufacture look like? P2 offers tours to some of the most renowned plants in the world. We all face similar challenges. Witness world class producers’ solutions in both Europe and Asia!


Our approach to implementation is simple. We work with you and your people to eliminate your biggest constraints. in the process we show your people how to improve the next process without us. our standard operating procedure is to work ourselves out of a job by replacing ourselves in our customer’s company.
Replacing ourselves often involves the certification of lean champions in strategic plants and departments. this training is customized for the host company for maximum ease of application and return on the training investment.
Lean is most often launched on the production floor where a bottleneck machine center is improved using 7s activities and agreements. creation of this exemplary work center creates buy-in throughout the business as all suppliers and customers of the machine center are involved and see the value first hand.
Some of the most astute business minds have looked at the entire organization to attack bottlenecks wherever they hinder the flow of information and material. in short, they follow the money. P2 has proved extremely effective in implementing lean practices for R&D, sales, accounting, customer service, design, purchasing, HR, warehousing, shipping, and (yes) production.


What is coaching? coaching helps leaders leverage their strengths and develop themselves in ways that bring greater effectiveness and satisfaction in their career. our coaches primarily work with leaders who are transforming their organizations to keep great people, lower production costs, and sustain profitability. initial coaching meetings are held in-person and most coaching is then conducted over the telephone.
Why choose a P2 coach? A P2 coach understands the lean transformation and will help you identify and maximize the benefits of your unique qualities and as well as potential areas for development. dr. ellis, a certified professional coach, will either work with you personally or connect you with another coach in our network that fits your needs and objectives. You will develop a personal action plan with measurable results in both effectiveness and satisfaction.
How does it work? coaching can take place in person or on the phone. You and your coach will schedule regular forty-five minute appointments for discussion. email and fax are additional methods of keeping in touch in between meetings and assist in answering questions or for assistance with development projects. assessment tools may be used to help evaluate & set goals. coaching is targeted, supportive and usually of a short duration.


Hire the right leader, the first time! the most important leadership decisions are often made without the benefit of objective data. many base selection of top leadership (general manager, plant manager, top sales person, etc) on first impressions and social skills. While these are important, first impressions are incomplete and it’s the information in our blind spots that result in poor selection choices.

You are competing for the leader with the skills and the style to complement and challenge your team. the right leader is the one that best fits the requirements of your goals for performance and culture.

P2 will help you clarify your leadership selection criteria so that the person you hire will:
  • 1. Utilize all the requisite skill & style for the leadership role
  • 2. Get up to speed quickly and stay on track
  • 3. Be confidently followed by your key employees

  • 1. We will help you choose the right leader. assessment of leadership candidates including professional interview, measurements of leadership ability and style, lean implementation ability, and industry specific experience.
  • 2. We will help you hire top performing sales personnel. P2 has identified the characteristics that separate the good from the great in technical sales.
  • 3. We will help you hire more people like your top performing leaders and sales personnel. We will identify the characteristics that set top performers apart in your company/market/industry.
  • 4. We will protect you from false starts with a lean readiness evaluation. assessment of your organizations current state of lean readiness based on brief lean plant assessment and the leadership team’s readiness to embrace the changes necessary for the transformation to become a lean enterprise. this provides you with a clear view of their current skill set and the characteristics required of a candidate to fit and complement the team.

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