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On multiple engagements the P2 team has been called upon to join and/or lead a team to provide interim leadership during startup, turn around, or acquisition of a company.

Whatever the scenario the challenge is to fill an interim leadership role and lead a cultural change that will sustain the improvements to improved systems, structure, and productivity with leadership that has been developed to take the leadership handoff and thrive. Leaders often know the culture they intend to build but have no sence of how to accomplish the change.

P2 team members have filled the roles of Maintenance Engineer, Plant Manager, Human Resource Manager, Transition Manager, and General Manager. During their tenure they actively work to develop leaders who will replace them. Each engagement involved a details action plan with milestones and key measure to ensure timely results.

The average engagement of nine months has resulted in transformed cultures with the policies, procedures, and experienced personnel to sustain and improve productivity.

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