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Welcome to Team Bistro. Work with a professional chef to prepare your team for success. We provide an opportunity to demonstrate leadership, problem solving and communication skills while working together towards a common goal; Dinner!

Communication is hard at all levels of the organization. At P2 we realize that teamwork is an unnatural act, yet it is the core skill of the world’s best producers. Like you, we know that all-star teams, often produce predictably poor results due to their lack of collaboration, communication, and agreement on strategy.

P2 Partnered with Team Bistro to uncover communication and leadership patterns outside the corporate structure.

We help engage your people at all levels to provide a detailed cultural assessment, full belly’s and a night of laugher as you better understand team.

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P2 is a multi disciplined team of improvement professionals with expertise in engineering, business strategy, and organizational psychology. Check out some of the results clients are seeing using our services.

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